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Oakley American Heritage Series: We The People

GIVING BACK:  $20 of your purchase will be donated to the Infinite Hero Foundation!

LIMITED EDITION (only 100 in stock)


9 3/8" Wide X 44" Long  
7 Ply American Hard Rock Maple


Complete includes: Caliber 180mm trucks, 73mm/80A Seismic Speed Vent Wheels, KOTA Precision Bearings & 1/2" Risers

Most boards are made to order.  Please allow approximately 14 days to delivery.  All sales are final.  30 days manufacturer's defect replacement only.

KOTA longboards are handcrafted using tung oil based stains.  Colors vary from deck to deck making each board unique.  Finished product may vary in color from that depicted.

ONLY ONE discount, sale or promotion is valid at any given time.  The best available discount will be applied to your purchase.


Oakley American Heritage from KOTA Longboards on Vimeo.

  • Your Price:$329.00
8th Ply
Adding an 8th ply to your board is only necessary if your weight is OVER 190 pounds for the SPAD XIII, and OVER 230 pounds for the Nieuport 17 and OVER 250 pounds for the Handley Page and Sopwith Pup. 
Item# +8thply
    Item# +8thply
    • Price: $15.00
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