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SPAD XIII Kiholo Edition

Streamlined style with big flex and high energy.

9 1/2" Wide X 43 7/8" Long
7 Ply American Hard Rock Maple
Deck Only or
Complete includes: Paris 180mm trucks, 73mm Seismic Speed Vent Wheels, KOTA Precision Bearings & 1/2" Risers
Choose a Selection

    • Selection: Deck Only
    Item# SKI3534D
    • Price: $229.00

    • Selection: Complete (Black Wheels)
    Item# SKI3534C
    • Price: $329.00
8th Ply
Adding an 8th ply to your board is only necessary if your weight is OVER 190 pounds for the SPAD XIII, and OVER 230 pounds for the Nieuport 17 and OVER 250 pounds for the Handley Page and Sopwith Pup. 
    Item# +8thply
    • Price: $15.00
We wanted to engineer a refined style, high energy deck for hard carving. The SPAD XIII is all of that and more. Flexible, packed with energy and highly maneuverable, the SPAD XIII is the perfect campus commuter or wild weekend ride – and always with style
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